April 2022: Green Laundry

How to Green your Laundry Routine

Do you know how much you spend on a load of laundry? The water, energy and products you use in your routine can really add up and impact your bills and your carbon footprint. If you want to save some money and be more eco-friendly when you do laundry, check out these tips.

Turn the dial to cold

Did you know that about 90% of the energy used for washing clothes goes toward heating the water? Washing your loads in cold water with today’s powerful detergents can achieve the same level of clean without wasting that extra energy.

Choose an eco-friendly detergent

Many products contain harsh chemicals that can damage clothes, irritate your skin and harm the environment when the water is washed away. Eco-friendly detergent can leave your clothes clean and odor-free and reduce your environmental impact, too.

Wait for a full load

It may seem easier to just toss in clothes when you need them, but it’s best to wait to run the washer until you have a full load. Even the most energy-efficient washers use more than 10 gallons per load, which is a lot of water for only a few garments.

Rethink dryer sheets

Dryer sheets may reduce static and make clean laundry more fragrant, but they can only be used once. Dryer balls can actually do all of that and more. They can also reduce drying time and are reusable, which helps the environment and saves you money.

Line dry

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy and can also damage the fibers in your favorite garments over time. Air drying your clothes can save energy and make them last longer. Hang a line inside or outside to dry some of your clothes, and use a drying rack for more delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

By making just a few small changes to your laundry routine, you can help the environment and save some energy and money, too. Visit celp.com for additional energy efficiency tips.


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